Stepped Approach To Reclaiming Silicon Wafer

Stepped Approach To Reclaiming Silicon Wafer

August 13, 2019

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Cost saving and sustainability for the business and the environment is achieved through the stepped approach taken to reclaiming the much-used silicon wafer. This short introduction to their business shows you how the silicon wafer suppliers are able to supplier their clients with several thousand wafers in a single work day. The fast service delivery of this business is accompanied by cost containment and a centralized inventory control system.

The silicon wafer reclamations are tightly controlled by using computerized management systems. This goes for the managing of the large inventory as well. Technical solutions are being provided to clients who have special or custom requirements. Typical wafer strip and reclaim procedures run as follows. The very first step is the receipt of the used goods. This includes an incoming inspection. Wafers are counted.

During this initial stage, a report is drawn up on the current conditions of the wafers. After that, presorting of the wafers will commence. The wafers need to be sorted for film removal. Stripping schedules have been designed to handle multilayered wafers. Also, wafers are sorted in accordance with its thickness. The next stage involves stripping and etching. Here, chemical processing will be removing all existing patterns and films from the used wafers.

After this is done, a second inspection will be done. Here, wafers will continue to be sorted. And after that is done, polishing work can begin. The equipment used for polishing aims for a prime test wafer surface. Just a few microns are removed through a low removal polishing method. And after polishing is completed, clean spinning, rinsing and drying must take place. During these stages, unwanted particles are removed from the wafers.

The next inspection will be visual before the stepped approach to reclaiming the silicon wafer ends with one final inspection.